With the client's sense of style and vision for their home in the sky, Citadel Completions links architectural and artistic concepts to procurement of materials and required airworthiness certifications


Citadel Design Connect

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Our design center displays bespoke soft goods, fabrics, carpets, fine China and hardware for customers to sample.
Our experienced design team can assist with curating your custom interior bringing your vision to life.

We are proud to partner with world-renowned MASSARI Design based in Fano, Italy for our custom interiors of uncompromised quality.

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Citadel's collaborative engineering-centered approach engages the engineering team at the very beginning of the project to ensure
compliance and feasibility. This comprehensive effort streamlines the path to certification, thus reducing aircraft downtime.

Our engineering-centered strategy encompasses all aspects of the completions process including design,
fabrication and modification.

3D Printing

Citadel utilizes the latest 3D technology to create prototypes and custom design features. Our 3D printing capability is
instrumental in our manufacturing customization process and ensures precision, accuracy and consistency.