Citadel provides the utmost quality interiors thanks to the craftsmanship of our
upholstery, cabinetry and sheet metal shops.

Manufacturing / Repair Shops

Our expert artisans produce exemplary custom interiors through diligent production. Our
attention to detail and precise artistry yield the highest quality results.

From intricate manufacturing and assembly, to the most detailed wood veneering and finishing, Citadel’s organic
cabinet shop is staffed with expert artisans who produce masterful craftsmanship. Our precision
is second to none, and our product amazes every time!

Wire Harness Capabilities

With over 180 years of combined experience, Citadel’s wire harness team will successfully support all of your
project needs. In addition to our luxury outfitting operations, Citadel is now proud to offer a state-of-the-art
wire harness production capability. This service is available for modifications of all sizes and can quickly be
custom adapted to your specific needs and project requirements.

Our ultra-modern facility boasts two laser wire marking machines, coordinate-correct harness build utilizing
either our 70’ long wire loom board or our 4’x8’ electronic build monitors, robust continuity testing capability,
and complete modification kit production.