Whether it's a new or repurposed, narrow- or wide-body aircraft, Citadel Completions can deliver a
luxurious, comfortable space for long-haul travel.

From conceptual ideas to aesthetic design, material procurement, fabrication,
engineering, installation and testing, Citadel Completions will oversee the entire
process, with the utmost attention to our clients.

Engineering-Centered VIP/VVIP Aircraft Interiors

Citadel Completions challenges the notion that VIP/VVIP aircraft completion is a linear process. Rather,
it must be a dynamic, collaborative effort, enabling us to achieve rapid delivery of a high-quality

Engineering-Centered Design

With the client’s sense of style and vision for their home in the sky, Citadel Completions links architectural and

artistic concepts to procurement of materials and required airworthiness certifications.

Engineering-Centered Fabrication

Citadel Completions has invested significant capital to create on-site, world-class manufacturing capabilities –

electrical systems, cabinetry and custom details – fabricated to meet all certification requirements.

Engineering-Centered Modification

With our uniquely-consolidated facilities, our forte is the integration of all the building blocks into pristine,
detail-oriented, final assemblies.

Each interior will completely fulfill the client's vision, and provide luxurious comfort for air travel.