Citadel Completions Is Expanding!

May 28, 2024

Lake Charles, LA — Citadel Completions is proud to announce a significant strategic move, entering into a three-year lease agreement with Chennault International Airport for the expansion of a Supply Chain Center.

The new facility, encompassing 10,000 square feet, will serve as the new home for Citadel’s VIP Supply Chain Management & Warehouse Center, marking a pivotal expansion for the company.

Greater Capacity, New Jobs

The newly leased facility will bolster Citadel Completions’ operational capacity, providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the company’s growing demands. This move is set to foster economic development within Calcasieu Parish, contributing to the local economy and providing substantial employment opportunities. Over the next 12 months, Citadel Completions aims to create an additional 20 direct new jobs, benefiting both the company and the surrounding community.

“This alliance is a testament to our commitment to growth and excellence,” said Neil Boyle, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Citadel Completions. “We are thrilled about the opportunities this expansion brings. It not only supports our increasing customer base but also enables us to undertake additional aircraft projects and enhance our capabilities for nose-to-tail V/VVIP aircraft services.”

Strategic Benefits

With the creation of Citadel’s new VIP SCM Center, this opens an extra bay in its current facility, Hangar D, to accommodate more narrow-body aircraft projects and to manage the increasing sales backlog. This move enhances operational efficiency for Citadel Completions, enabling better organization, storage, and logistics, resulting in faster turnaround times and improved service for clients. It further equips Citadel Completions to handle more intricate and extensive projects, further solidifying its prominence in the aircraft completions industry.

Kevin Melton, Executive Director of Chennault International Airport, commented, “We are excited to enable Citadel Completions to expand its footprint at Chennault. This strong partnership is built on a like-minded progressive relationship and is a tangible example of how we can leverage our resources to drive economic growth and provide high-quality job opportunities in our region.”

Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter welcomed the announcement, saying, “Citadel Completions’ expansion is further evidence of local successes in economic diversity and development. The strong relationship between Chennault and its tenants is evident and impactful. In addition to providing job opportunities and economic growth for our region, Citadel Completions has proven to be an incredible community partner, investing in local initiatives that are strengthening quality of life in our area.”

About Citadel Completions

Citadel Completions is renowned for its comprehensive V/VVIP Aircraft Completions and maintenance services, specializing in customized interiors and design excellence for refurbishments for private clients, heads of state, and government clientele. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Citadel Completions continues to set industry standards in quality craftsmanship and superior customer satisfaction. By expanding its footprint at Chennault International Airport, Citadel Completions is poised to meet the increasing demands of its clients while contributing positively to the local economy. This strategic move underscores Citadel’s commitment to growth, innovation, and community development.

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