Citadel Completions Welcomes Premier VIP Client and Their B737 Aircraft for Maintenance Services

July 7, 2023

Exciting news from Citadel Completions as we welcome back a premier VIP client and their B737 aircraft! Citadel has proudly serviced over 100 various Boeing aircraft to date, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our client back at our facility. And as luck would have it, our brand-new Boeing banner arrived at the perfect time to be displayed behind the aircraft.

During its visit, the B737 will undergo a 1,000 and 2,000-hour check to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our skilled technicians will also remove two AUX tanks to replace an AUX Fuel A System vent valve, and the tanks will require pressure checks and reinstallation.

The team at Citadel takes pride in being a licensed Boeing Business Jet MRO since 2019, and our nose-to-tail facility is fully equipped to handle any V/VIP aircraft maintenance needs, from major to minor refurbishments, heavy to light maintenance, full system upgrades, PPI’s, IFE and CMS upgrades, you name it – we can do it all. As a Boeing 777-200/300 completion center, we offer unparalleled expertise and quality in the industry and continue to be the go-to completion center for major and minor refurbishments on B777 aircraft.