Citadel Completions Welcomes VIP Boeing B737 for Summer Maintenance

August 29, 2023

Citadel is pleased to announce another summer arrival, a VIP Boeing B737! The aircraft has just arrived at Citadel Completions, where our skilled aircraft technicians are all set to perform its scheduled maintenance.

The aircraft will undergo B1 maintenance, where our VIP technicians will perform comprehensive checks and repairs on specific aircraft components. This includes assessing and maintaining critical systems such as the engines, airframe, fuel systems, landing gear, and other vital structures. By meticulously inspecting and addressing any issues, the aircraft will operate flawlessly and meet regulatory requirements.

The B737 will also undergo a B2 inspection, where our team will conduct in-depth inspections and troubleshooting of the avionics and electrical systems. This involves analyzing and calibrating complex electronic components, including communication, navigation, and flight control systems. By ensuring the smooth operation of these intricate systems, Citadel’s precise workmanship enhances the aircraft’s reliability and overall performance.

At Citadel Completions, we prioritize precision and expertise so our customers’ aircraft operate at the highest levels of safety and efficiency. Our technicians employ their technical know-how, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and adhering to industry best practices.

Engage with us to learn more about our meticulous aircraft inspection capabilities and how they contribute to exceptional performance. Safety is our priority, and we remain committed to delivering unparalleled customer service.