Triumph in the Skies: Citadel Completions Elevates Aviation Excellence with Boeing B777-300ER Redelivery

March 12, 2024

Citadel Completions is delighted to announce the successful redelivery of a Boeing B777-300ER following a comprehensive C-Check and landing gear overhaul. Our expert team conducted a thorough inspection from nose to tail, ensuring the aircraft’s structural integrity and scrutinizing the fuselage, wings, and control surfaces for any signs of wear or damage. We meticulously tested and validated critical systems, including hydraulics, avionics, and flight controls, replacing or repairing components as needed to meet our exacting standards.

The landing gear replacement was executed with precision, employing specialized equipment and careful coordination to remove the old gear. Our technicians thoroughly inspected the gear bay and associated systems for wear, corrosion, or damage, installing new landing gear followed by extensive testing. This included static and dynamic tests to verify structural integrity, proper functionality of retraction and extension mechanisms, brake performance, and warning systems operation. This meticulous approach ensures the aircraft meets the highest safety and performance standards, reaffirming Citadel Completions’ commitment to excellence in aviation maintenance.