VIP Airbus A319 Redelivery

May 16, 2023

Citadel Completions is proud to announce the successful redelivery of a VIP Airbus A319 back to service after being thoroughly inspected and receiving light interior refreshing throughout the cabin, seats, sidewalls, and headliners giving the aircraft a spring refresh. Our technicians conducted a thorough inspection and servicing of all aircraft systems, components, safety systems, ADs (Airworthiness Directives) & SBs (Service Bulletins) – Ensuring that the aircraft is up to date with all necessary modifications and repairs.

At Citadel Completions we understand that your aircraft is an important asset. That’s why we take great care in making sure that it’s always in top condition. Our team of highly trained technicians ensure that your aircraft is up-to-date with all necessary modifications and repairs. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our maintenance process standards. With Citadel Completions you can be confident that your VIP Aircraft Maintenance & Upgrades needs are taken care of quickly and professionally.